WebSentinel Plus Investigator: Collect, Analyze, Prevent - Datalogic

The complete software suite to grow profitability of traceability and sorting processes


Bologna, July 8th, 2021. Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets, is pleased to announce the WebSentinel™ Plus Investigator software suite.

This software enhances the already exceptional functionality of the well-established WebSentinel Plus platform with significantly effective new features. It delivers three key benefits to Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, and Retail customers to maximize barcode read rates and minimize ‘No Reads’.  

First, the Investigator collects data with extreme reliability. Indeed, users can count on the WebSentinel Plus Investigator’s unfailing capability to extract the value from scanned images by seamlessly processing them. Reliability is ensured by a solid experience: Datalogic has more than 20 years of success in decoding via images. The Investigator is installed and running upon the well-known WebSentinel Plus framework (reporting, dashboards, etc.). This accelerates the learning curve for customers already accustomed to the interface. Datalogic offers all the hardware needed for an optimal implementation of the Inspector, but it also works with user-supplied hardware (with Linux, Windows® O.S., or Windows Server).

Next, the Investigator analyzes ‘No Read’ root cause. The platform saves all the data from scanned images and enables their aggregation. Highly sophisticated vision algorithms and artificial intelligence pinpoint quickly and with certainty the main causes of ‘No Reads’ (damaged label, printing problem, misplaced label, label not present). With this feedback, customers can immediately implement corrective actions to prevent ‘No Reads’ from happening again in the future. The fact that all analysis activities are performed automatically by the Investigator saves from 2 to 16 hours per day of work – 16 in cases of large plants. So, about 500 to 4,200 hours on an annual basis – corresponding to about $63,000 in savings.

Finally, the Investigator prevents issues before they escalate, and this is really a game changer. It permits customers to save money. They can identify potentially dangerous situations and conditions early on before they lead to a relevant increase of ‘No Read’ rates. The WebSentinel Plus Investigator monitors the flow of information associated with printing quality grade and creates reports on barcode quality trends. Users can leverage the simple, automated way to keep track of this information in order to boost productivity.