Datalogic at NRF 2024: Shaping the Future of Retail with Intelligence and Innovation

Datalogic is set to participate at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show 2024, occupying booth #5729. Join us as we SHAPE the FUTURE of RETAIL with Intelligence and Innovation.

Datalogic is the undisputed leader in checkout applications, and we are thrilled to showcase our latest capabilities in vision technology. These seamlessly integrate with our in-store management solutions, and are designed to increase customer satisfaction and inventory optimization.

At NRF 2024, Datalogic will once again have an extensive display of products, solutions, and technology, covering every facet of retail. Upon entering booth #5729, visitors will be able to live and breathe our real-life solutions for the retail market. Experience fixed stationary scanners featuring integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI), handle exceptionally ergonomic handheld scanners, observe easy-to-deploy kiosk modules, explore state of the art wearable technology, and test secure mobile computers.

Datalogic provides end-to-end solutions for the retail industry, whether in-store, for e-commerce, self-checkout, retail logistics, and much more.


In-Store Checkout POS

Since the first barcode on a product was scanned at a supermarket in Ohio in 1974 using Datalogic technology, the checkout has played a key role in retail. Retail store formats vary but Datalogic can provide solutions for every checkout configuration requirement.  Datalogic invented laser scanning and imaging technology and now offers the widest portfolio of assisted and self-checkout scanning solutions.

Our latest Magellan portfolio allows retailers to achieve unprecedented read rates, enhance the check-experience and reduce shrink through advanced technology that enables Artificial Intelligence at the checkout. Whether a customer needs presentation scanners, single window scanners, handheld scanners, self-shopping systems, mobile POS devices or our new Magellan multiplane scanners, Datalogic has the Best in Class solutions.

At our booth, people can find see how much is affordable and reliable the Datalogic QuickScan and Gryphon Series, able to read effortlessly a full range of barcodes, be they damaged, hard to read, or poorly printed. And for those retailers who are searching for a new scanning solution that combines space-saving small physical footprint with cutting edge technology, at NRF will be able to see the world premiere of the Magellan 900i, the new presentation scanner for 1D/2D applications including retail point of sale, self-checkout, loyalty, access control or ordering kiosks. The large field of view and easy integration make it a versatile, powerful addition to your enterprise.

Kiosks continue to gain in popularity as demand increases for automated self-service solutions, providing customers with a contactless and efficient means of interaction for transactions. Our booth showcases self-checkout solutions that enhance throughput and reduce labor for applications across various sectors such as Grocery, DIY, Hospitality, Convenience, and more. Datalogic’s Magellan 35XX HSi in-counter and Magellan 34XX Vsi on-counter imaging scanners simplify operations with their superior scanning performance, user-friendly design, and time-saving features. For retailers seeking an integrated scanning solution that combines ease of use, lightning-fast performance, and unmatched durability, the Gryphon™ GFS 4500 is the answer. Available in two versions (with and without housing) and packed with value-added features and state-of-the-art architecture, this series of scan modules is designed to meet the diverse needs of industries and applications.

All major retailers continue to invest in solutions to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Our AI based retail solutions lead the way by delivering groundbreaking results that complement our efforts to reduce shrink losses and increase operational efficiency.  Checkouts with embedded AI are now a reality, as seen with our multi-plane scanners - the Magellan™ 9600i and the Magellan 9900i - our best-selling ‘in counter’ barcode scanners for both assisted and self-checkout now utilize AI to create a better checkout experience.


In-Store Operations

Experience the seamless integration of our latest innovations with in-store management solutions, designed to elevate customer satisfaction and optimize inventory. Explore the intelligent solutions that have positioned Datalogic as the unrivaled leader in retail applications. Our booth features the Joya™ Touch 22, the ultimate self-shopping companion to ensure a seamless shopping experience. To optimize the self-replenishment, inventory, and order management, you can discover the full range of mobile computers.  From the Memor™ 11 to the Skorpio™ X5, our mobile devices are the daily companion for activities such as inventory, price check, pick and drop, assisted sales, delivery, etc.


Supply Chain & Fulfillment Center

Order fulfillment operations bring greater challenges as retailers expand their scope to capture more business. Item sizes are highly variable and the explosive rise of e-commerce requires package handling down to individual item level.  To support the rising demands of omni-channel fulfillment, retailers rely on Datalogic solutions to implement best practices and optimize product delivery from a multitude of inventory locations within their enterprise. Datalogic industrial handheld scanners as the PowerScan family, rugged mobile computers as the Memor and the Skorpio, and fixed readers as the Matrix series, help identify and track items providing an effective and efficient retail inventory management. Our latest imaging technology helps establish a complete track and trace system to provide end-to-end visibility throughout your entire supply chain.

Datalogic has chosen the prestigious NRF in New York for the global launch of Datalogic’s new wearable scanner, designed to improve the accuracy and productivity of daily operations in a small and lightweight form factor. It allows greater flexibility for the use of the wearer’s fingers for all types of operations and is far more resistant to damage than the bulky finger-mounted scanners that are typically available. In addition, combining the new wearable with Datalogic’s mobile computers further enhances worker productivity with full data collection capability suitable for any kind of application.


Enterprise mobility challenges

In today’s mobile-first world, businesses desire reliable and easy-to-use software solutions to keep their operations running smoothly. At NRF 2024, we will showcase our advanced Smart IoT solutions, such as device management, real-time monitoring, advanced analytics, and preventive maintenance. Our software suite will help solve enterprise mobility challenges, drive automation, improve efficiency, prevent downtime, and enhance safety in in-store operations.

The countdown to NRF 2024 is on, and we look forward to meeting you from 14th to 16th January at the Jakob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City - Booth #5729. Let’s explore our cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions designed to help your business excel in today's challenging retail landscape.