Data capture in healthcare assures quality care, effective medications, and safety for patients and providers. Datalogic solutions are used throughout healthcare; vision systems assure containers are sealed and inspect labels; laser markers etch surgical tools; mobile computers maintain processes and inventory; and handheld scanners provide positive identification for patients and their prescriptions.

Datalogic innovations are helping protect patients and staff at healthcare facilities worldwide. Innovations like enclosures that are disinfectant ready and treated with anti-microbial additives are found in Datalogic products for healthcare. These healthcare specific products withstand daily cleaning with harsh disinfectant solutions and help prevent the spread of infection. Datalogic pioneers the use of these materials for healthcare data capture devices.

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POS Checkout at retail pharmacies requires a careful optimization of the space on the counter to dedicate the best possible space for sellable items. For this reason, it is important that barcode scanning solutions have a small footprint and the most efficient scanning capability. Datalogic provides pharmacies with imaging technology able to scan small, hard-to-read codes, with the capability of reading 2D codes which are now the most common type of codes used with prescription labeling.

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Hospitals and other healthcare facilities rely on Datalogic technology to ensure the best and safest care possible is given to patients. When a patient is first admitted their unique patient number is printed on a wrist band and verified using bar code scanners. Bar codes help prevent medication errors, laboratory errors, and procedural error that may arise for a patient, laboratory sample, or medication by providing safe and reliable identification.


Datalogic is qualified to be part of Medical Device and Pharma Manufacturing and Distribution, verifying that life-saving products are manufactured to the exact specifications required, in order to properly dispense medications and to accurately track, label and inspect the devices. Thanks to its cutting edge fixed imagers, scanners , handheld products and mobile computers, Datalogic ensures these items are properly traced throughout the whole supply chain, verifying lot numbers, manufacturing information, expiration dates and more stored on 2D bar codes, at the device, carton, and pallet level.