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2022 marked a year in which we further strengthened our commitment to the environment, sustainable economic development and, above all, people, despite a complex international scenario of increasing geopolitical tensions. A commitment we wanted to represent in this sixth edition of Datalogic's Non-Financial Statement (NFS), by sharing the Group's sustainability and resilience performance with all our stakeholders.

People are our first priority. In 2022, we achieved a significant milestone related to SA8000 ethical certification on Corporate S cial Responsibility, confirming the Group's willingness to enhance human resources by ensuring respect for Human Rights and the values of equality and development, protection of diversity and the strictest health and safety standards, while building long-term partnerships.

Caring for people means dedicating special attention to the many different ways in which respect for Human Rights can occur within the company. In this area, our goal has been to increasingly ensure diversity and inclusiveness, by fostering an equal opportunity working environment where everyone can pursue professional and personal development solely based on their abilities and skills. Our new “Human Rights and Social Accountability” policy materialises our commitment to this issue.

In 2022, Datalogic also invested heavily in improving people's work experience, in order to make it more closely aligned with their preferences, a prerequisite for the company's success. We worked to strengthen employer branding and promote the attraction of new talent. We also invested heavily in listening to people, engaging with them and providing concrete answers to the needs that emerged from the engagement survey conducted in 2021.

In this context, we set up the “Solidarity Leave Fund”, made use of part-time forms of Consolidated non-financial statement 5 employment to meet the increasing demand for flexibility in part due to personal or family situations and needs that emerged in the postpandemic period, and built a solid corporate welfare system.

Another top priority is the protection of health and safety, in the broadest sense: not only psychological and physical integrity, but also the wellbeing of our employees and the communities of which we are a part. Specifically, in 2022, we reached an important milestone: the ISO45001 certification on Occupational Health and Safety at Datasensing Srl, which is additional to the same certification obtained by Datalogic for its sites in Italy, Slovakia and Vietnam.

The goals we have achieved during the year with regard to human resources encourage us to continue investing in people, as the most valuable asset for the sustainable growth of our company, together with the other major driver of our business: innovation.

In addition to the attention paid to the people, the theme of innovation has always been one of the main drivers for the development of our business. Today, and we will continue to do so in the coming years, we have also applied our innovative spirit to the integration of sustainability principles in the development of new products.

Specifically in 2022, we focused on a life-cycle oriented approach and sustainable design policies capable of activating a virtuous circular economy system and of continuously improving the identification, prioritisation and management of key environmental impacts. This approach allowed us to extend the ISO14001 certification to the Castiglione Messer Raimondo site and to maintain it at the remaining production sites in Italy, Hungary, Slovakia and Vietnam, as well as to achieve an overall reduction in energy consumption of 6% by 2021.

We take an all-round perspective, aiming to contribute as a company to the UN 2030 Agenda's Sustainable Development Goals that affect us all, and the entire planet. This is also why in 2022 we were engaged in the process of adapting the reporting methods required by the new 2021 version of the GRI Standards. A process that allowed us to include the diverse requests that emerged from the continuous dialogue with stakeholders in the NFS, guided by the two great values of transparency and responsibility.

Valentina Volta
Group CEO


(Legislative Decree 254/2016 implementing EU Directive 2014/95)

Through the DNF, Datalogic undertakes to objectively and transparently report and disclose its current sustainability status.

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This Code indicates ethical principles and rules of conduct, also for the purpose of preventing the offences and crimes which might be committed by the Company or by a Group company. The aim of this Code is to recommend, promote or forbid certain conduct in any relevant jurisdiction, independently and apart from any and all provisions set forth by the relevant legislation.

Thanks to the Human Rights & Social Accountability Policy, Datalogic expresses its commitment to comply with international standards on human rights and social responsibility.

Download Datalogic Group E, H&S Policy
The Environmental, Health & Safety Policy expresses the directive of the Top Management with respect to environmental protection and to the development of the business in an ecological and sustainable way.


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SA8000 is the international standard aimed at certifying aspects of the Company management, relating to Corporate Social Responsibility such as respect for human rights, respect for labor law, protection against child exploitation and guarantees of health and safety at the work place. Datalogic Spa, Datalogic Srl and Datalogic IP Tech Srl’s internal and external stakeholders, who identify a non-compliance with the SA8000 requirements, or want to suggest ideas/recommendations to improve the management system, can do it anonymously or by name and through one of the methods listed below:

  • verbally directly to a member of the Social Performance Team, specifying if the communication must be considered anonymous or nominative.
  • e-mail address
  • physical SA8000 claims box, present in Datalogic Italian sites.
  • ordinary mail to Datalogic S.p.A. registered office (as Datalogic Headquarter), attention to “System Quality Manager“, in a sealed envelope.

The information to be communicated in the event of a report is:

  • detailed, clear and complete description.
  • date.
  • requirement “not met” (child labour, freedom of association and right to collective bargaining, working hours, forced or compulsory labour, discrimination, pay; health and safety, disciplinary procedures or management system) or improvement.
  • any proposal for corrective action or improvement.


The overall claim management process is detailed in the procedure SA8000_P05:

DOWNLOAD procedure SA8000_P05 Claim Management

DOWNLOAD SA8000 Social Accountability certificate