Datalogic achieves the prestigious SA8000 Corporate Social Responsibility certification

Datalogic Spa has taken another important step in its growth path by achieving the prestigious SA8000 certification. Datalogic has implemented a management system to ensure compliance with international standards for Corporate Social Responsibility and supply chain requirements.

I am particularly proud of this certification, which demonstrates our commitment to sustainable development, with particular attention to social matters. Achieving this prestigious certification allows us to properly manage and constantly monitor all the activities we have carried out over the years to improve the conditions of our employees,” explains Ms. Valentina Volta, CEO of Datalogic Group. From occupational health and safety in the workplace to non-discrimination, development, improvement, training, and growth: we are looking to create long-term value by continuing to invest in our people”.

At Datalogic, constantly listening to personnel needs is a well-established practice. The primary objective is to enrich the work experience and ensure employee satisfaction, an essential requirement for a company’s success. As a result of a recent internal listening activity, many initiatives have been introduced to further improve the work environment and increase employee benefits. Some of the new initiatives are aimed at promoting a better work-life balance, such as increased flexibility in entry and exit times, smart working, and time-saving services (such as the internal delivery point and takeaway meals).

Other actions intended to strengthen the principles of corporate sustainability include eliminating plastic bottles through the introduction of water dispensers and providing reusable water bottles to all employees. Additional programs are planned to support parenthood (scholarships for deserving children, vouchers for schoolbooks, etc.), medical and health insurance, childcare bonus, and optional integration of maternity leave. The ongoing development program for our people represents an extremely important focus for the Group. The recent introduction of a new training offering to strengthen technical and soft skills, designed and implemented to support career paths, further underlines the company’s attention to the growth of its people.

With over 3,000 employees worldwide, our staff is our main competitive advantage, and as such deserve the utmost commitment in ensuring their optimal working conditions. It is crucial that people can fully express their potential through internal training, international experiences, and collaboration with universities and other institutions,” concludes Ms. Valentina Volta.