Memor 11 family of mobile computers: Optimized performance and flexibility in a market-proven design

  • Brand new PDA family of enterprise-class mobile computers, designed for customers in retail, warehousing, transportation & logistics, and manufacturing;
  • Flexible choice between Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi/Cellular models;
  • Enhanced processing capabilities, it boasts the latest Android 11 OS along with the benefits of Google Mobile Services and it is certified as an Android™ Enterprise Recommended device;
  • Enhanced usability and performance with a 5-inch touch screen and fast 2.3GHz octa-core processor;
  • Advanced battery management system and ultra-reliable wireless charging technology that minimizes maintenance and provides a hassle-free charging experience;
  • Industrial High-End barcode scanner with optimized DOF and enhanced performance in dark warehouses; paired with Datalogic's exclusive Green Spot Technology for improved efficiencies and good-read visual feedback.


Bologna, March 31, 2023. Datalogic has just unleashed its latest and greatest product - the Memor™ 11 family of mobile computers! This cutting-edge addition to the prestigious Memor Series is designed to offer unparalleled flexibility for today's mobile workforce. Boasting an up-to-date operating system and enhanced processing capabilities, the Memor 11 family delivers superior scanning performance and all-around efficiency. It is the perfect solution for those who need versatility for in-store retail operations and inventory management; for inbound/outbound warehouse logistics, manufacturing traceability and quality control; and in transportation & logistics applications. The Memor 11 family fulfills all of your requirements to the highest levels.

Choose between Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi/Cellular models, depending on your use case, and always stay connected. The Memor 11 family runs seamlessly in indoor premises or when combined with outdoor operations and field mobility.

Offering a rugged design in a slim and compact form factor, the Memor 11 family is enterprise-ready and offers greater resilience to withstand more drops than most comparable devices. The bright 5-inch touch display enhances the user experience, while its advanced processing platform ensures top performance in popular applications, all while extending product life. The speedy 2.3 GHz Octa-Core processor allows the Memor 11 to simultaneously run multiple mobile applications at significantly faster speeds, resulting in improved response times.

Datalogic has a reputation for investing in R&D, and the Memor 11 family will receive even greater development emphasis, keeping it at the cutting edge of industrial PDA technology.

The Memor 11 family with a choice of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/Cellular models, offers a perfect balance of affordability, performance, and ruggedness for retail, transportation and logistics, warehouse, and manufacturing customers. We are excited to introduce this new family of mobile computers in a market-proven design that lowers the total cost of ownership while delivering improved performance and longevity” states Mangaraju Vuppala, Mobile Computers Product Marketing Manager Leader.

The inclusion of an advanced battery management system and ultra-reliable wireless charging technology for contactless charging helps minimize maintenance for your Memor 11 and provides a hassle-free charging experience. The long-lasting swappable battery and built-in SafeSwap™ technology guarantee uninterrupted continuity. Smart Battery Management provides several configurable options to optimize battery profile according to usage, extending battery life by up to 20%.

Experience enhanced reading performance in dark warehouses or outdoor environments with the industrial-grade barcode scanner that is ideal for the Memor 11. Coupled with Datalogic's exclusive Green Spot Technology, it provides visible good-read feedback in extreme lighting conditions or for when visual feedback is required in a designated quiet area, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

The rugged Memor 11 family has been certified as an Android™ Enterprise Recommended device, ensuring the enhanced security and privacy settings of Android™ 11 with the benefits of Google Mobile Services.

Plus, with Datalogic's world-class service coverage of EASEOFCARE and Datalogic Shield, you'll receive years of protection, extending the value of your device investment.

Expand efficiencies in the field by easily pairing the Memor 11 devices with Datalogic's RFID Sled for efficient collection of large volumes of RFID information and via Bluetooth® connectivity with Datalogic's HandScanner™ for hands-free reading in scan-intensive applications, such as in warehousing.

The Memor 11 family is fully backward compatible with all accessories for existing Memor 10 mobile computers, helping companies save on upgrade costs and reduce the total cost of ownership. Choose the Memor 11 family of mobile computers for unparalleled efficiency and power, now and for the future!