Matrix 320: The upgrade you have been waiting for - Datalogic - Datalogic

Now with added features to take productivity to the next level

Bologna, September 22nd, 2021. Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, is pleased to announce new models in the Matrix™ 320 family. Already the most powerful and compact image-based code reader on the market today, the addition of C-Mount models and 6mm LQL models further separates the Matrix from the competition making it the ultimate solution for all your traceability applications.

The Matrix 320 is the flagship of the bestselling family of Matrix image-based barcode readers. It is the highest performing 2D reader for traceability in intralogistics, distribution, 3PL, retail logistics, and shopfloor applications. It has just received a turbocharged performance boost with the introduction of two highly desirable models.

The new 6mm Liquid Lens (LQL) model with a wide-angle field of view compliments the existing 9mm and 16mm models. The new lenses offer remote focussing capability, providing extreme flexibility when adjustments are required during production with minimal impact on throughput.

The new C-Mount modular assembly completes the portfolio with the flexibility to choose from a full set of interchangeable lenses from Datalogic or third-party vendors. Users now have extensive options for tackling the toughest of applications.

The Matrix 320 reads the most challenging barcodes whether Direct Part Marked or printed labels. Set up is super easy using the built-in visual feedback and an online diagnostics tool. The hardware is accompanied by a wide range of accessories including lenses, smart configurable lighting, filters, mounts, and cables to tackle every possible application scenario. The Matrix 320 is equipped with a state of the art 16:9 CMOS sensor that provides incredible 3MP performance from a 2MP sensor. It delivers a wide Field of View, greater Depth of Field, and higher speed of operation making it the unrivalled champion in the stationary industrial scanner market.

When uses as a fixed reader by operators instead of a traditional handheld scanner, the Matrix 320 delivers unique benefits and advantages that are revolutionary: no need to handle or share barcode readers; greater hygiene and contamination control; operators focus fully on their task; faster line efficiencies.

Like all Matrix devices from Datalogic, the Matrix 320 packs a wide range of industrial features in a compact form factor and can be mounted in the tightest of spaces thanks to its rotating connector. It is the perfect upgrade to the Matrix 300 and Matrix 410N and can easily solve the most challenging applications in harsh industrial environments.

The Matrix 320 has been designed to work anywhere, provide top performance, and have the flexibility to meet the demands of virtually any application. There is simply no better alternative.