Datalogic celebrates National Barcode Day - Datalogic

Eugene, OR, June 23, 2022. Datalogic celebrates National Barcode Day on June 26, 2022. National Barcode Day recognizes the importance and history of the barcode, a technology that has been in use for almost 50 years bringing increased accuracy and efficiency to industries and enterprises around the globe.

In 2021 Datalogic sponsored the creation of National Barcode Day with industry leaders, Barcoding Inc. and ScanSource Inc. The date, June 26, was chosen to commemorate the first barcode scan at a grocery checkout.  On that day in 1974 a 10-pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum was scanned by the Model A scanner, developed by Spectra Physics (now part of Datalogic), at a Marsh supermarket in Troy, OH. Datalogic engineers were among the first to develop barcode reading technology. Their leadership and innovation made it possible for grocers to keep their shelves stocked and checkouts moving smoothly. Since then, consumers have come to see the barcode as an integral part of their shopping experience.

Today barcodes are used in applications beyond grocery checkout including inventory tracking, patient identification, access control, mobile payment, advertising and much more.  Its use has brought increased efficiency and productivity by eliminating manual data entry and delivering uniform data transfer. Datalogic has pioneered much of the technology that has made the barcode accessible to enterprises of all types.

This year, Datalogic celebrates 50 years of innovation and technology leadership. Datalogic isn’t just a barcode company.  Its’ technology detects, dimensions, decodes and depicts items with or without barcodes as they move through supply chains, manufacturing processes, and retail transactions.

Celebrate National Barcode Day and celebrate 50 years of Datalogic innovation.