Matrix 320 5MP: the next step beyond intralogistics traceability - Datalogic

The new image-based reader that brilliantly tackles traceability applications in intralogistics, distribution, 3PL, retail logistics, and shop floor


Bologna, May 24th, 2022. Datalogic is excited to announce the new Matrix™ 320 5MP. This device extends the Matrix 320 family leadership.

Built on a multicore platform with hardware acceleration and HDR capability, the Matrix 320 5MP delivers an impressive Field of View (FOV) to read multiple labels or codes in a single acquisition with a single reader. Customers will boost their operational capability and get higher productivity for an amazingly fast Return on Investment.

The Matrix 320 5MP has the ideal technology for top performance in challenging applications: high performing C-Mount lenses, smart illuminators, and a 5MP sensor. Together they provide the highest reading performance over a wider application area with larger FOV. The Matrix 320 5MP has all this, and a high intrinsic Depth of Field (DOF), independently from focus selection.

Customers get the best user experience to maximize production throughput. An embedded distance sensor with Time-of-Flight technology automatically detects reading distance to dynamically optimize the photometric settings, ensuring ideal scanning performance. Also, it provides a simple way to set distance limits to eliminate unintended scans in hands-free applications. Using continuous high-power mode, flicker free illumination is safe for workers’ eyes.

With three primary colors, 360-degree visual feedback, along with Datalogic’s unique Green Spot, its modular design offers users a variety of instant read confirmations, providing supervisors with a simple way to monitor operator performance. The new grid aiming system utilizes an inherently safe Class 1 laser, for an intuitive visual representation of the available scanning area.

The Matrix 320 5MP is truly the reader that can address any application. Its modular design offers endless customizations from an outstanding range of lenses, lighting, filters, and accessories. For example, the new illuminator model has 72 Ultra High-Power LEDs, for great speed and distance flexibility. With amazing DOF, it covers an extended reading range, from very close to very far.

The orientation sensor guarantees easy positioning at installation and saves its position in permanent memory. Automatic detection of unwanted product orientation change immediately warns the operator, minimizing production stops. In case of replacement, saved position data can be easily restored on the new device for quick and safe maintenance.