New QuickScan™ 2500 Series Superior Performance, Affordably

Bologna, September 22nd 2022 - Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets, is pleased to announce the QuickScan™ 2500 series of entry level 2D scanners, available with a range of options, in both corded and cordless versions. They are designed and built to last for a very long time, with every unit coming with an incredible standard 5-year warranty. The range boasts superior connectivity and performance and yet offers affordability to fit any budget. This is truly an operators’ ideal partner at the POS check-out and will always be ready for action when it comes to data capture.

Time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of retail operations. Shoppers now demand and expect rapid service at the checkout. A device such as the Quickscan 2500, whether in its corded or wireless version, provides robust and repeatable performance, and is guaranteed for an unbeatable 10 million hits. The simple yet ergonomic design ensures operators never lose productivity shift after shift, even when working in restricted spaces.

All devices in this range offer extreme scanning accuracy, minimizing any erroneous or accidental readings. Operators will always get a successful result regardless of the type of barcode is, even when it is hard-to-read, poorly printed, or physically damaged. Datalogic’s famous Green Spot will provide perfect visual feedback on each positive read. With superior performances comes the best-in-class depth of field and snappiness in it’s class. The imagers perfectly capture data from mobile device screens or from behind plexiglass barriers.

The 2500 Series come with the option of using Datalogic’s proprietary STAR Radio communication network, allowing users to work quickly and more efficiently. This is a typical problem when there are many Bluetooth and WiFi equipped devices fighting for the same access points, leading to interference and connectivity issues. This ability to avoid any communication delays provides an incredible three-month payback on STAR Radio equipped models. Modern operations can gain an edge, especially with the current global shortage of Bluetooth chips. However, Bluetooth equipped models are also available based on user preference.

There is just so much packed into these amazingly budget-friendly 2D scanners. The Quickscan 2500 series brings superior performance to any retail operation. Performance, connectivity, robustness, and always ready to jump into action. This is the trusted companion that will never let you down.