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When we "click" on our PC to order a good on a web shop, we expect it to be delivered in the next 24 hours, and sometimes even in a shorter time.

We’re getting more and more used to wait for the day after to meet the driver that will deliver our smart watch, or running shoes, ordered within the same day. The shocking impact of e-commerce on our daily life is something that the pandemic made happen in few months - while global expectations were to reach such level of e-orders in 5-6 years.

Technology played a fundamental role on this e-commerce booming: millions of items prepared and delivered daily, cannot be managed without the massive support of hi-tech solutions.
Datalogic - with its unique data capturing devices offer - provides solutions along all the relevant processes that turn the e-commerce concept into reality. 


Datalogic Products

The relevant applications of e-commerce are represented in the following picture:

  • Order Fulfillment: the items are picked and packed
  • Sorting and Shipping: the parcels are sorted and shipped towards destination
  • Delivery: the parcels are delivered at their final destination


E-commerce relevant applications


The Datalogic products that best fit into the target e-commerce applications are represented in the following picture:


Dark stores   Skorpio X5 Joya Touch HandScanner Powerscan
Last mile delivery       Memor 10 Memor 20
Sorting and shipping     AV7000 Skorpio X5 Powerscan
Fulfillment AV900 Matrix 320 HandScanner Skorpio X5 Powerscan