Datalogic's leadership in imager technology

Between 2006 and 2013, as the group grew and reorganized itself, the push for technological and product innovation continued. Leveraging Datalogic’s focus and expertise on the innovative imager technology, which had already been implemented in all the company’s readers from hand-held to stationary industrial scanners, Datalogic’s R&D and Engineering departments released the breakthrough Magellan 9800i. This was the first imager-based in counter reader, which represented the state-of-the-art in barcode reading technology for check-out counter applications. In the meantime, Datalogic gained important shares in the mobile computing sector with portable data terminals (PDTs) such as the Skorpio and the Falcon and launched the world's first pocket-size device: the Memor. As PDA readers began to gain market shares, Datalogic was preparing for the Android revolution.


Magellan & Falcon & Skorpio & Memor