A message from the Chairman

The year of our 50th Anniversary is coming to an end. After half a century of unwavering success, the future looks even brighter. If we have much to celebrate, though, we owe it to the magnitude of our Founder’s vision, who shaped the organizational footprint of the company and its evolution as a leading international enterprise, generating over 600 million Euros of turnover and employing more than 3,000 people worldwide. The making of one’s own fortune is a road paved with challenges and hardships, a journey that requires tremendous strength and faith to be embarked on.

In his heartfelt speech, delivered during the night of our 50th Anniversary celebration, Dr. Romano Volta addressed the younger generations with a message of encouragement and, drawing on his wealth of experience, stressed the value of tenacity, self-confidence, and trust. “The future is in their hands, and they can win and conquer it only by standing as protagonists of this new world.”