Datalogic First Partner Program

In the early years of activity, Dr. Romano Volta was directly involved in sales activities, prospecting for new clients and meeting customers face to face. At the beginning of the 90s, Datalogic’s commercial organization expanded rapidly and, although already operational for a few years, there wasn’t yet a structured and coherent commercial model throughout the offices worldwide. The new strategic plan, “Il Punto di Volta”, finally provided a clear and sound direction for market positioning, and also presented a new structured commercial model, which was rapidly and successfully implemented throughout the company. Datalogic’s vast offering of sensors and of data collection devices needed a wide reliable network of partners, who could add additional value to the company’s product portfolio (applications, software, integration, services etc) by developing customers’ ready solutions. Thus, the company chose an indirect go to market model through a sales channel that leveraged a solid network of partners. In 1997, the first structured indirect sales channel management program was born (it was the first in our industry): the "Quality Partner" program. It was the foundation of Datalogic’s success. Even today, Datalogic's market leadership relies on its trusted channel partner network.


The Quality Partner Program