Transaction Processing

Transaction Processing

Transaction Processing



Fast, accurate and easy to use, transaction processing is essential to provide correct data in a prescribed amount of time for quick transitions between transactions. The smoother the process, the happier the customer. Whether face to face transactions or self-service kiosks are in play, successful transaction processing relies on fast, rapid performance, accurate data collection, ease of use and access. Datalogic offers various options, including decoder scan engines and small compact imagers that provide snappy, accurate performances even in confining spaces of countertops, desks, kiosks etc. found in various industries and applications. With a variety of scan engines and handheld devices designed advanced imaging technology available and the ability to read common 1D and 2D codes even if printed poorly, corporations can find just the right scanner for their transaction processing needs.




The average consumer is becoming more and more attuned to self-service applications giving them full access to manage their transactions. Kiosks providing price checks, lottery ticket purchases, self checkout stations, access control stations and gas stations are a few of the OEM applications used by customers to assist them with transaction processing. Operators in commercial services such as banking, utilities, public administration, and postal services will experience a daily high rate of transaction processing, increasing data collection while decreasing errors caused by tedious manual input of transactions.




  • Return on Investment (ROI)
    Realize immediate added revenue as a higher number of customers served in each timeframe due to the smooth & efficient data capture system at both self checkout and attended lanes

  • Range of views
    Capture common 1D and 2D codes within the available significant depth-of-field and large field-of-view provided by these imagers

  • Reading performance
    Enjoy snappy and accurate reading performance

  • Decoding capabilities
    Experience excellent decoding capabilities even on poorly printed labels as well as from device screens on smart phones and computers

  • Targeted Scans
    Aimeasily when using one of the available aiming systems to target the correct code to be scanned

  • Ease of integration
    Find implementation to be easy with minimal training, eliminating the need to bring outside technicians and realize lower cost of ownership

  • Good read feedback
    Additional beeps and Datalogic Green Spot Technology to know when good reads are accomplished

  • Installation options
    Choose to incorporate as a scan module or install separately to a system via a flexible cable

  • Interface variety
    Get the correct interface for the job, choose between interfaces such as USB keyboard, USB HID, USB com, UART, RS-232, TIL 232

  • Illumination
    Use of steady white illumination

  • Low power consumption
    Increase the battery life of your scanner with low power consumption

  • Remote management
    Manage proper scanning of transactions with remote management software