Wip Traceability

Wip Traceability

Wip Traceability


Success in today’s fast paced Manufacturing and T&L environments you must be able to ensure the status of your Work-In-Progress (WIP) functions with high accuracy and efficiency. Effective traceability is the cornerstone of achieving a successful supply chain. Complete traceability throughout production from the order input, to the inventory counts, picking of parts, through to the production line, fulfillment and the delivery of the finished product ensures highly accurate highspeed fulfillment of orders.

Traceability through data capture provides a solution that not only speeds-up the completion of the WIP, but also it is a major asset in pinpointing possible issues that may cause misreads or delays. High numbers of missed read rates will equate to increased downtime and ultimately impact revenue bottom lines. Datalogic offers solutions to identify potential problems such as damaged barcodes, lower contrast and color backgrounds during the complete supply chain process that if unidentified could cause major delays.



Efficient work in progress traceability for success is essential regardless of the size of the project, big or small. Whether it be tracking inventory, luggage handling, pharmaceutical, automotive and tire production lines, through to the shipping and delivery – exhaustive traceability will provide top notch results. Datalogic has a large array of products that when used singularly or in combination will provide solutions for WIP challenges and offer peace of mind knowing seamless production times and highly accurate end results. Datalogic products address a wide range of applications whatever the need. Datalogic’s portfolio of products such as stationary industrial scanners, mobile computers, laser marking systems for Direct Part Marking (DPM), handheld and handsfree barcode scanners will enhance the result in Manufacturing and automation systems.




Datalogic’s broad array of product sets can easily address traceability challenges and application needs found in the Manufacturing and Automation as well in other industries such as Retail, Healthcare and Transportation & Logistics.

  • Field of View
    Find the correct products or combination of products to capture the barcode information near or far the first time

  • Charging Capabilities
    Keep operators charged up with options such as removeable Lion and hot swap batteries, quick charge battery options, contactless charging, USB-C charging capabilities

  • Optics
    Increase the read rate of 1D and 2D barcodes, labels and expiration dates with various available lens, lighting and depths of field

  • Analyze
    Monitor operational activities in real time tying scan points together with diagnostic software through ethernet connections and insure exceptional work in progress traceability

  • Protection
    Protect your investment with high IP ratings against water and dust for enclosures

  • Interface
    Choose from the operating systems right for the job such as AndroidOperating System, Bluetooth, IOS, USB

  • Enclosures
    Offer safety of operators using plastics that can stand up to harsh cleansers for peace of mind

  • Ergonomics
    Ensure operator’s comfort with well-balanced, minimal weight designs to decrease tiredness and increase productivityand improve WIP outcome

  • Lighting
    Ease eye strain with white illumination, backlit keyboards, continuous no-flash lighting

  • Displays
    Leverage multiple hardened glass options such as Gorilla and Dragontrail; ambient light automatic adjustment

  • Bundle
    Improve the WIP flow by packaging Datalogic solutions such as rugged handheld scanners, handheld mobile computers, stationary imagers, cameras, diagnostic software, and vision systems throughout the lines and increase traceability and ROI