Enhanced Laser Sentinel

Enhanced Laser Sentinel

Guarantee completely safety in the workplace


The Standalone model offers a cost-effective safeguard for static applications such as robot cells and safe monitoring of access to dangerous machines.

Master/Slave models can be used in a combination of up to 4 scanners to cover all sides of a machine or a vehicle, with the possibility of programming, monitoring and dynamically changing the shape and position of safety and warning areas from a single point. The synchronization of Master and Slave scanners is done automatically because of the safe communication established between them with an Ethernet cable which also carries the power. No additional external unit is required.

Dedicated and application-oriented functions like dynamic partial muting, override, manual restart, external device monitoring, and speed measurement help to manage the many needs that can arise when putting in a safety machine or an AGV.

Measurement data for direct navigation are available through the Ethernet port and fast replacement allows reduction of the minimum time required for maintenance.

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EASEOFCARE Service Programs

Our mission is to provide our Customers with excellent service, at every interaction, tailored to their profiles and their industry.
The central role of the customer also drove the creation of a new corporate division (the so-called “Customer Service”), which has centralised all the services provided by the Group globally, from order entry and confirmation to after-sales service and installation, by applying a performance indicator of client satisfaction such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) used by many Fortune 500 Companies.

Customer Services will ensure a lean and consistent response path to each request. Our empowered and talented specialists will engage with the customer and commit to drive each case to complete resolution. 

Datalogic’s Customer Services Organization offers a wide and complete range of post-sales services (EASEOFCARE Agreements).  It is organized in three levels of support, in order to guarantee the most appropriate professional assistance based on the specific problem.

Datalogic’s Customer Service can deploy in the territory a team of multi-lingual professionals, with a broad technical expertise across the whole product range.

Our standard service portfolio includes >>