2128P RFID Sled

2128P RFID Sled

Hand held device to convert the Memor 11 PDA to a UHF RFID reader


Designed to provide the best-in-class performance for quickly reading large numbers of UHF RFID tags, the 2128P reader boasts improved levels of accuracy and RFID read/write performance. All items within range are read simultaneously. In-reader Tag de-duplication software removes duplication of tag reads, thereby improving reading performance and facilitating data flow. Sophisticated user feedback and embedded processes and accelerometers provide the most configurable, in-depth and capable ‘search and find’ features currently available.

As the ePop-Loq® system provides a wired connection between the Memor 11 and 2128P RFID Reader, sensitive data can be given that extra level of security by avoiding the use of Bluetooth® data transfer.

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