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Success Stories

Success Stories

The Quickscan I Scanner Streamlines the Blood Donation Process in Russia - Datalogic

The National Blood Service in Russia assures the supply of high quality blood to medical institutions.

This public entity coordinates blood centers all over Russia, making sure the blood donation process, including transportation and storage, is performed correctly.

In addition, it assures the proper use of blood components and preparations.

The Challenge
One important part of the blood donation process is collecting data about the donor. The medical assistant must enter pertinent information about the donor and the quantity and quality of the blood collected in an electronic database. In the past, each region of Russia handled its territory’s database separately from the others. However, to assure quality control throughout the country, the National Blood Service determined that these records should be available to all regions. An automated system needed to be created in order to allow the entire work cycle to be kept under control.

The Solution
Data capture systems developer, system integrator and Datalogic partner Infotech & Service, recommended that QuickScan™ I scanners be used on all the National Blood Service workstations throughout the cycle, from the registration of a new donor to the issue of plasma and blood to patients. Besides its high performance and reliability, the characteristics of the Quickscan I scanner that really attracted the National Blood Service’s attention were its unique imaging technology for image capture and capability of collecting data at any scan angle.

The Quickscan I Scanner Streamlines the Blood Donation Process in RussiaAnother distinguishing characteristic of the Quickscan I scanner is Datalogic’s patented Green Spot technology. This good-read indicator improves user feedback by projecting a green spot directly on the code just read. This visual confirmation benefits healthcare facilities in particular, as continuous beeping noises would disturb patients.


The Results
Today, thanks to QuickScan I scanners, all of the required donor and blood data is automatically entered into a single electronic database. The inventory process and donor material tracking occur in real time, allowing quick interaction between blood transfusion facilities and hospitals. In addition, QuickScan I scanners accurately identify blood containers and associate them with their donors. Blood transport tracking is performed by reading the special labels that contain information about the blood type and donation serial number.

Mr. Grigoryants, the head of the Bakulev Cardiovascular Surgery Scientific Center Blood Transfusion department, commented, “today our office can be described as a modern, well-equipped facility, that produces high-quality blood products and components. The creation of a single database thanks to the Datalogic’s QuickScan I scanners allowed us to triple the rate of quality blood donations."


Client: Russian National Blood Service
Industry/Sub-industry: Healthcare/Medical Laboratories
Application: Specimen Verification and Tracking
Country: Russia
DatalogicProduct: Quick Scan™ I
Datalogic Partner: Infotech & Service