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Success Stories

Success Stories

Perfect solution for access control: Stress-free Ticketpoint thanks to Joya Touch - Datalogic


Datalogic and JNC Service offer the perfect solution for access control


Ticketpoint - the official sales point for tickets for concerts, festivals, (sports) events and theatre performances - has taken a big step towards improving efficiency by switching to Joya™ Touch handheld scanners from Datalogic. The extent of the advantages became apparent during the Waylon Live in Concert – Top 1000 All Time in Rotterdam Ahoy, when the scanners were officially taken into use.



"We've already carried out various tests with the new scanners, but this is the first really big event in which we used the Joya’s," said Ticketpoint manager, Marcel van Loon, at the start of the last of the successful series of three Radio Veronica Top 1000 All Time concerts. Over the three evenings, more than 40,000 entry tickets will have been scanned at the Rotterdam Ahoy doors. "A process that needs to work quickly and smoothly", says Van Loon.

Datalogic and JNC Service offer the perfect solution for access control

Van Loon maintains that scanners that Ticketpoint previously used did not meet the demands necessary for providing a proper service: "Actually you could hardly describe that solution as scanners. They were phones converted into a scanning solution with the aid of a holder and cables. Really flimsy; there was always something going wrong, or we’d have problems recharging them. This frequently led to stressful situations."


That stress has come to an end with the switch to Datalogic’s Joya™ Touch handheld scanners. "It really is a world of difference. We connect the equipment, connect to the Wi-Fi network, download the barcodes and get started. It really is extremely relaxed," says Van Loon.



Datalogic and JNC Service offer the perfect solution for access control


Scanning with Joya’s also makes it easier for the ticket checkers. An infrared indicator light is aimed at the barcode or QR code on the visitor's proof of admission. This can be a ticket, a printed form, or a digital file on a smartphone. Once the code has been scanned, a clearly visible green dot appears over the code - Datalogic's patented 'Green Spot' technology. For optimal reading feedback, the Joya is also backlit. "So the people doing the scanning no longer have to look at the screen, which enables access control to run at an unprecedented speed," Van Loon notes.



The new scanners are supplied by JNC Service in Houten. Datalogic's partner advises Ticketpoint, provides the briefing and all servicing. In addition, JNC has completely customized the scanners. This is not just about software settings. The Joya’s look & feel is also completely custom-made. The scanners are supplied in Ticketpoint's house colors and provided with a name and logo. 

"This solution gives us exactly what we need; a fast and reliable scanner with which we can take the service to our customers to a new level," concludes a satisfied Marcel van Loon.


Datalogic and JNC Service offer the perfect solution for access control


End User: Ticketpoint

Industry: Events industry

Application: Access control

Country: The Netherlands

Datalogic partner: JNC Service – Houten