Pioneering the Barcode

Pioneering the Barcode

Pioneering the Barcode

Datalogic Leads the Way for 50 Years

The Historic First Scan: A Legacy of Innovation and Efficiency

On June 26th, 1974, a cashier at a supermarket in Troy, Ohio, scanned a regular 10-pack of Wrigley's Juicy Fruit gum with a Magellan Model A, the world's first fixed retail scanner. This decisive occasion marked a turning point in the retail industry, introducing a level of speed and accuracy that revolutionized the shopping experience. This groundbreaking innovation was the result of a journey that began when Norman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver conceived the first barcode.

The Magellan Model A was developed by Spectra Physics – now part of Datalogic. Only two original units remain, one of which is on display at the Smithsonian Museum. From the very first barcode scan, Datalogic recognized the revolutionary potential of this technology. As an early pioneer in the development of scanning technology, Datalogic has taken the legacy of the Magellan Model A and has now become the undisputed technology leader in fixed retail scanners. With more than 10 billion barcodes read worldwide every day, they have evolved beyond their original purpose to connect brands and consumers, playing a critical role in ensuring precise and secure item tracking across a wide range of industries. 

Datalogic: Innovation in Fixed Retail Scanning

Datalogic's innovation legacy continues to adapt and shape the future of retail. Our unwavering focus on developing cutting-edge technology has solidified our position as the world leader in Fixed Retail Scanners (FRS). From the iconic Magellan Model A to today's advanced imaging scanners, Datalogic's Fixed Retail Scanner (FRS) journey has been one of continuous improvement.

Our leadership goes way beyond our comprehensive FRS portfolio, including bi-optic, single-plane and presentation scanners, and extends to the barcode reading and data capture markets. Our efforts also include industry-leading Handheld Scanners (HHS) and Mobile Computers, ensuring our commitment to the varied needs of our customers across a wide range of applications.

These milestones in device innovation mark a path of continuous evolution for Datalogic.

1974 Model A (The world’s first commercial barcode scanner)

1990 760SLS (First scanner scale)

1998 Magellan SL (All weighs platter)

2002 Magellan 8500 (World’s first scanner to scan and deactivate (EAS) in one motion and the first with SurroundScan 6-sided scanning)

2006 Magellan 1000i (World’s first imaging based presentation Scanner) 

2010 Magellan 3200VSi/3300HSi (World’s first imaging based single-plane barcode scanners)

2013 Magellan 9800i (The world’s first grocery checkout barcode bioptic scanner driven completely by high performance digital imaging)

2014 Jade X7 (World’s first automated scanning portal for POS)

2018 EZiGo (Express frictionless checkout concept debuts at NRF)

2022 Magellan 9600i/9900i (World’s first bioptic capable of running embedded AI for item recognition)

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