Datalogic Wireless Charging Technology A New Era for Enterprise - Datalogic

Datalogic Wireless Charging
The Datalogic Wireless Charging System is a ground-breaking new feature for enterprise devices.
Datalogic is the first manufacturer to offer this inductive, contactless charging technology in rugged mobile computers and handheld scanners.
Based on inductive-charging technology now widespread in numerous consumer electronic products, Datalogic’s Wireless Charging System eliminates battery contacts and pins, that often get dirty, bent, or broken over time – and this removes a key point of failure for devices used in industrial and retail functions.
Routine charging system maintenance and cleaning procedures are eliminated which means lower down time, and a lower TCO for Datalogic systems.Datalogic’s Wireless Charging System is also faster than traditional charging solutions. Battery levels can be safely and rapidly “topped-up” between shifts, and fully-recharged in the shortest possible time – all without over-stressing contacts, pins, and cables.
For devices used round the clock, or with only short breaks between shifts, this is a great operational advantage.
The superior performance of this Android™ full touch PDA is able to support a multitude of applications in various environments.