This non-financial statement (the second for Datalogic) represents an opportunity for us to convey all the activities we carried out for our “Stakeholders” during the course of 2018. The Group’s commitments have remained focused upon customer satisfaction, product research and innovation, attention to employees, relations with suppliers and local communities, and the management of our environmental impact.

Our leadership in the field of automatic data capture and process automation has always been based on the development of revolutionary technologies to meet the needs expressed by customers, and to anticipate those that are not expressed. We believe in continuously monitoring their needs and their level of satisfaction in order to establish and consolidate long-term relationships. This means building a shared future.

We are essentially driven by the desire to understand and meet our Customers' expectations, and this desire motivates us to come up with increasingly efficient and effective ways to improve the Customer Experience. The year ended with almost 500 specialised human resources (mostly engineers) employed at the Group’s Research & Development divisions all around the world, who are committed to creating innovative solutions designed to simplify complex activities, while at the same time expediting and error-proofing the relative processes. Our growth is primarily fuelled by these high value resources.

In order to satisfy our customers with highly innovative products and solutions and keep up with the latest technological trends, one of our main priorities is to attract and retain some of the best talents available on the market. For this purpose, Datalogic offers excellent entry-level opportunities and solid pathways of professional growth. Training is a key process for improving skills, especially technical skills, and keeping them up to date. Investments in R&D currently amount to about 10% of the Group’s revenues. Moreover, Datalogic offers all the Group’s resources (including R&D) a series of benefits through a welfare platform that takes into account all our staff’s needs in the various countries in which we operate. 

For an organisation like ours, engagement, growth and collaboration with suppliers are key factors for improving competitiveness. The strategic suppliers and their processes undergo specific analyses in order to assess any potential risks in terms of supply quality and the protection of social and environmental aspects.
Datalogic continuously places particular focus on the functioning of its corporate governance system, and uses national and international corporate governance best practices as a basis for the development of its decision-making and control structures. Risk management contributes to the ethical management of the company in a manner that’s consistent with its objectives, thus fostering informed decisions, the proper functioning of the corporate processes, the reliability of the information provided to the corporate bodies and the market, compliance with the laws and regulations, and the ongoing pursuit of sustainability.

One of the Group's drivers is its ability to network with academic and industrial partners who share our passion for high-tech innovation. Datalogic has been collaborating with academic, industrial and research institutes all over the world for several years, with the aim of developing increasingly advanced technologies and promoting research and training projects. University students enrolled in science-based faculties even have the opportunity to participate in the “Best Thesis of the Year” award: an initiative that the company has set up in order to reward the best thesis project carried out at the company with a € 1,000 contribution and the possibility of being hired by the company with a training contract.

Datalogic has implemented environmental protection policies in order to minimise the external impact and the risks associated with its activities. Our daily commitments include the application of eco-compatible technologies and the engagement of the employees and suppliers in this regard. Datalogic constantly monitors the current health and safety legislation in order to guarantee the complete legislative compliance of its products and processes. 

This Non-Financial Statement is a further step forward in the process of sharing information with our “Stakeholders” regarding social and environmental sustainability aspects and the management of the relative risks.

Valentina Volta
Group CEO