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Datalogic's Non-Financial Statement, now in its fifth edition, outlines our sustainability and resilience performance in an increasingly challenging post-pandemic scenario. Throughout 2021, our commitment to environmental, social and governance issues has firmly remained among our Group's priorities.

Reacting with strength and determination to the worsening global pandemic situation, Datalogic has renewed its commitment to protect the health and safety of all its employees and to support local communities in need. Our intervention was particularly relevant in the Asian area, especially at the Vietnamese site.
Through a coordinated plan of targeted activities, the result of 0 contagions was achieved during the peak period of the epidemic in the country, guaranteeing health and safety in the workplace and the operational continuity of our activities.

The year 2021 marked the beginning of a period of extraordinary dynamism in the global world of work. In this context, Datalogic's focus on the enhancement of human resources, along with the development of long-term relationships with its employees, has taken on even greater importance. This business philosophy was also applied during 2021, further increasing employee retention.

In addition to the attention paid to personnel, the theme of innovation has always been one of the main drivers for the development of our business. Today, in order to respond to the demands of a market that is increasingly attentive to environmental issues, Datalogic's innovative spirit has directed its resources towards the integration of sustainability principles in the development of new products and services. Moreover, thanks to its internal environmental management systems, Datalogic has long since implemented a rigorous process Consolidated non-financial statement 5 of identification, prioritisation and management of the main environmental impacts related to its activities.

As part of the Group's ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility issues, another important milestone reached in 2021 was the signing of the first "Sustainability Linked" loan. It incorporates, for the first time in Datalogic's history, multi-year "ESG" metrics and commitments tied to strategic targets in the areas of energy transition and social responsibility.

The various stages of developing the reporting areas of the Non-Financial Statement were accompanied by a structured process of Stakeholder engagement. Its purpose is the sharing of "material" themes and related indicators and the choral analysis of Datalogic's contribution to the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

In accordance with the value of transparency declared to the Stakeholder ecosystem, this process guaranteed the utmost inclusion of the various entities falling within Datalogic’s sphere of influence.


Valentina Volta
Group CEO


(Legislative Decree 254/2016 implementing EU Directive 2014/95)

Through the DNF, Datalogic undertakes to objectively and transparently report and disclose its current sustainability status.

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This Code indicates ethical principles and rules of conduct, also for the purpose of preventing the offences and crimes which might be committed by the Company or by a Group company. The aim of this Code is to recommend, promote or forbid certain conduct in any relevant jurisdiction, independently and apart from any and all provisions set forth by the relevant legislation.

Thanks to the Human Rights & Social Accountability Policy, Datalogic expresses its commitment to comply with international standards on human rights and social responsibility.

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The Environmental, Health & Safety Policy expresses the directive of the Top Management with respect to environmental protection and to the development of the business in an ecological and sustainable way.

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