Manual Induction

Manual Induction

Manual Induction

Identification is a critical and crucial step in intralogistics when it comes to the manual induction of parcels or packages on conveyors of automatic warehousing systems. The process of manual induction is usually linked to first reading the barcode by hand for identification purposes. Once identified, the objects are then transported for handling and storage by automated or semi-automated warehousing systems.

Commonly used barcode readers for package identification in manual induction and intralogistics are rugged handheld scanners (PowerScan™) and wearable readers (HandScanner) depending on specific application requirements. What is important however is the high-speed reading ability or snappiness of the barcode reader. Also helpful are the ergonomics and robustness of the readers, resulting in effective and flawless manual induction operations. Given that a very large number of items are typically processed every hour, the ease-of-use and reading performance of readers is key to achieving high operational efficiency.

There are three distinct methods of putting barcodes on packages. The first is from manually applying printed labels. Alternative methods are less labor-intensive, such as print-and-apply systems for automatic label application, or DPM (Direct Part Marking) for when barcodes are directly printed on parcels.




Datalogic offers two distinctive but effective intralogistics solutions to aid the manual induction of barcodes. These offer robust, high reading performance, even on low-quality or poorly printed codes. They also offer the capability for multi-code reading such as 1D, 2D and DPM. And of course, they all feature the famous Green Spot technology for fast visual feedback when a read has been successful:


  • PowerScan 9500
    A series of rugged industrial handheld scanners for effective package/tote conveyor side manual identification stations. The beauty of the 9500 series is the ease of setup and configuration, allowing for easy replacement when the need arises.

  • CODiScan
    This is the smallest and lightest wearable hands-free barcode reader, offering long battery life for full shift operation, and fast battery recharge. This tiny unit also offers haptic good read feedback (as well as visual and acoustic feedback). For maximum operational efficiency simply bundle the scanner with any one of Datalogic’s range of mobile computers.




Datalogic’s manual induction readersoffer a multitude of options and benefits to meet and exceed the intralogistics needs of our customers. Key benefits include:

  • Advanced Digital Designs
    Experience class-leading performance and reliability

  • Ruggedness
    Protect your investment. Enclosures with robust designs, varied IP ratings up to IP67, extended operating temperature range, all combine to give a strong ROI.

  • Decoding
    Realize exceptional decoding performance with a multicore image processing platform that is ideal for high-speed applications. Hardware acceleration allows the use of high-speed up algorithms and improved decoding capabilities, resulting in maximum throughput capability.

  • Multiple connectivity options
    Wired, radio, serial RS-232, USB, RS-485, Ethernet, Industrial Ethernet, proprietary Datalogic STAR™ radio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth™.

  • Ease of Use
    With the advanced setup and configuration tools such as Aladdin, users are guaranteed optimal performance and maximized throughput.

  • Multi-focus capabilities
    Dynamic, sequential, and software adjustable focus allows for the highest degree of optimization and provides excellent performance over the widest range of application requirements.

  • Long-lasting battery
    One complete charge will last for the duration of even the most demanding shift.


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