Fixed Retail Scanners

Fixed Retail Scanners

Fixed Retail Scanners

Fixed Retail Scanners are the necessary solution for check-out applications in the entire retail industry, where a fast and accurate transaction can communicate a positive feeling to the customer.

Retail check-out applications can be very demanding in today’s market. Both grocery and non-food segments need to provide the most comfortable and reliable experience possible to customers.

Retailers consider check-out solutions as one of the most critical applications inside the store, Datalogic represents the ideal technological partner capable to assist and secure the retailer to design, execute, and leverage the ideal solutions.


Fixed Retail Scanners common applications


  • Check-out at the Store: Attended lanes or self check-out
    In grocery applications, for instance, scanners must adapt to the store layout. Retailers must deliberate solutions suitable for multiple installation, for both attended and unattended point-of-sales. The common denominator in all of them is the accuracy and easiness in identifying the purchased item.

    With unparalleled scanning capability, our bi-optic scanners are the perfect fit for high volume check-out applications. Maximized reading area is achieved by the Datalogic fixed scanners with 5th and 6th axis multi-plane reading models. Seamless reading provides maximum throughput for both 1D and 2D barcodes at full sweep scanning speeds, without the need of item orientation based on code type.

    Datalogic superior scalability provides best fit in any check-out application. Perfect for attended lanes or self check-out applications, our Single-Plane and Multi-Plane scanner models are adopted by the top-leading system integrator brands. Solution customization for 100% satisfaction, Datalogic can customize the Single-Plane or Multi-Plane scanners to individual customer requirements.

    Datalogic can customize Single-Plane or Multi-Plane scanners according to the individual customers’ needs, tailoring the solution for 100% satisfaction.

  • Loss Prevention
    Datalogic is also able to offer the BOB (bottom-of-basket) loss prevention system, integrated into the retailer’s POS creating a powerful solution to quickly and effectively increase store profits in real-time. This device detects and recognize items that pass by the camera and send their GTIN information directly to the POS. Before payment, the cashier verifies the items that were found under the basket, adds those items and then finalizes the transaction.

  • Non-Food Check-Out
    In Non-Food, where traditionally no multi-plane scanners are needed the same winning features are carried into the Single-Plane and Presentation Scanner models.

    The Presentation Scanner model pairs imaging scanning expertise developed for our larger scanners with an innovative, compact design to create the most powerful presentation scanner on the market.

    This need for ease of use and convenient footprint is also provided by some of the Datalogic handheld scanner solutions.


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