Automated Checkout Checkout: Focus on Speed and Solution!

How many times have you stood in line to buy a few items?

Surveys show that 65% of Brazilians would choose a faster service to speed up their purchases. Self-checkout already works in some establishments and brings focus on solution and speed.
Automated payments are coming with everything in Brazil - in addition, many companies are aligning the use of great technologies with employee interaction to optimize and improve work.

With a longstanding reputation in the retail industry and in-house knowledge of store environments, the company sees checkout operations as a great opportunity for retailers to increase service levels and customer loyalty. This view is supported by recent research showing that an inefficient checkout is what most annoys customers while they are shopping. The same applies to automatic checkout corridors, where queues can accumulate due to inefficient operations, blocking and lack of troubleshooting assistance.

The following report was aired on 08/28/2019 by Brazilian TV show Foco & Gestão presenting the Datalogic Jade automated checkout implementation in Assaí Atacadista: